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April school holiday updates

Hello Parents & Caregivers

Hoping everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and extra time at home with the little ones.

School holidays 2024
School holidays is up on us again

As you know, April school holidays are here, and we have some updated opening hours for the next week from Mon Apr 15-Fri Apr 19:

  • Mon Apr 15 - fitting @ Baby Kingdom Chullora

  • Tue Apr 16 - BAU, you can book appointments here

  • Weds Apr 17 - fitting @ Baby Kingdom Chullora

  • Thu Apr 18 - fitting at The George, which is BAU for us anyway, you can make your bookings here

  • Fri Apr 19 - fitting at Baby Kingdom Chullora

If you need fittings outside these times you need to submit an enquiry by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope everyone has a fun & safe school holidays and don't forget to check your restraints are correctly fitted.

Chris, Bec & The BCS Team.

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