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NSW Road Toll Up 24.9%, Australia 7.3%

Updated: Mar 6

Hello Peeps

You might have seen a bit of data in the news in December & Jan about increase in national road toll over the 2023 calendar year.

Although the data indicates a worrying trend of increase in national and state road tolls, it is lacking identifying the most probably causes of these tragedies.

Here is a link to the Guardian article which I thoroughly recommend you read for yourself. But I have also screen captured a couple of key paragraphs:

national road death toll in 2023
national road death toll in 2023

You will note that the latter half of the article has AAA's Michael Bradley calling up on the federal government to legislate that states be required to share accident data in a much more comprehensive format.

Surely this move would only allow authorities and us working in the industry to help lower the road toll and get more people back to their families and loved ones safely.

Thanks for reading

Chris + The Baby Clean & Safe Team

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