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  • What can I expect when I book a child restraint fitting with you?
    You can only book our services online, generally 48 hours in advance (for bookings sooner than this you need to call us). You should receive an email from our booking platform (Simply Book) confirming details such appointment time, your address, cost etc. If you haven't received a confirmation email please check your SPAM folder first and then give us a call. We will endeavour to arrive within 15 minutes either side (half an hour window) of the listed appointment time. If we expect to be earlier or later we will call you. Reciprocal courtesy is requested as well, if you're going to be a few minutes late we're usually happy to wait, but please let us know. Up on arrival, we will confirm the work you'd like us to complete, fit the restraint and demonstrate how to correctly use and adjust it until you're comfortable. We will also issue a certificate from the RMS within 48 hours of the fitting to show that the restraint has been correctly fitted. Please don't ask us to rotate (forward face) a child restraint unless: a) Your child is at least 12 months old; b) Is comfortably walking; c) Meets the height markers on the child restraint.
  • What about last minute or emergency fittings?
    We understand that life can be fast paced and stressful at times, especially if you're expecting a baby soon. We can accomodate almost any reasonable request if you call us and let us know your situation. A couple of points to bare in mind regarding last minute bookings though: Last minute bookings often mean that we need to rearrange family plans to accomodate customers, which we're more than happy to do, but we reserve the right to surcharge at our discretion and we may ask you to pay some or all of the fee up front. If you do make a last minute booking with us and then change your mind, cancel, don't show up, or we can't fit the restraint, expect to receive an invoice as per Clauses 3.2 & 3.4 of our Cancellation Policy (up to 50% of the booking fee). If for any reason we can't accomodate a request, we may pass on the details of one of our trusted industry colleagues.
  • How do I pay you?
    We can accept cash, card or direct deposit, usually upon completion of work. If you're an out of area customer, we're fitting after hours or taking on bulk cleaning work, we will generally ask for a deposit of around 40-50% up front.
  • What is the difference between an Express and Deluxe Clean?
    Think of the Express Clean, as a brief but thorough 'once-over'. Your capsule, car seat or pram will come back visibly clean, free of soiling and in good condition to keep bub safe, comfortable and happy. The Deluxe Clean goes that one step further in that we dis-assemble (as much as is practical) the capsule, car seat or pram. Any materials or inserts are then commercially laundered, including stain treatment (where necessary) and the frame and accessories fully detailed. Also, timeframes vary significantly. An Express Clean can be turned around in 3-4 business days, whereas a Deluxe Clean generally takes between 10-15 business days.
  • How long does it take to clean a child restraint?
    Usually around 10-15 business days for a Deluxe Clean. The Deluxe Clean the fabrics and inserts are commercially laundered, and, if needed, cleaned again so any soiling is removed. The shell is then thoroughly cleaned by hand to remove any liquids that have been spilled, or crumbs that have made their way into the small gaps in your seat's shell. The harness is then wiped over, many many times, to remove any soiling. Materials and inserts are then air-dried, assessed and delivered back to you fresh and clean.
  • How long does it take to clean a pram?
    Usually around 10-15 business days for a Deluxe Clean. The Deluxe Clean the fabrics are commercially laundered, and, if needed, cleaned again so any soiling is removed. The frame is then thoroughly cleaned and detailed by hand to remove marks and soiling. Where possible, we even remove and undo the wheels to remove any trapped hair and dirt. Materials are then air-dried, assessed, put back onto your pram and delivered back to you fresh and clean ready for your next adventure.
  • What about hire of child restraints?
    Yes we offer hire of child restraints, two weeks is the minimum period and the restraint must be fitted by us. We recommend booking at least two weeks in advance so we can ensure we have available hire stock for you.
  • What about custom anchor points?
    For those of you that don't know an anchor point is the part of a vehicle to which the top tether of a child restraint is secured. If you need a custom anchor point retro-fitted to your vehicle we're happy to pass your details on to Babysafe Head Office who are licensed to fit and certify the anchor points.
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