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Baby Seat fitting Liverpool
Child Seat installation Liverpool
booster seat fitting install Liverpool

Baby Clean & Safe South West Sydney offer a convenient mobile service, authorised by the NSW RMS, for professional installation, inspection and adjustment child restraints at your home or workplace.

Rest assured, your most precious little ones are safe with us. Child seat fitting is not an easy procedure. Our expert child seat installers fit the car seat as firmly as possible with no excessive moment. Protect the child from serious injury with our top-notch child restraint install services.

Can't I just install the Baby or child Seat myself?

Yes. There's currently no legal requirement for child seats to be installed by an accredited professional in NSW, only that they are installed and used correctly.


Are you confident you can do so safely? 


We find when doing inspections and safety checks of child restraints that more than 95% are incorrectly fitted or adjusted and this may be placing your child at unnecessary risk.

Why should I hire a professional?

For the same reason that you pay a mechanic to service your vehicle, we are professional child restraint fitters and have access to a wealth of insider industry knowledge, as well as tips & tricks that the general public are not privy to.

We are insured and receive regular, ongoing training by the industry, including, child restraint manufacturers.

We can fit and confidently demonstrate the best use of a child restraint seat in around 10-15 minutes and answer any ongoing questions you may have.

What is an accredited child car seat fitter?

An Accredited Fitter will need to be:

  • Authorised under the Roads and Maritime Services 

  • Successfully completed the relevant Authorised Restraint Fitter (ARF) training course

  • Accredited to provide installation and instruction services from the simple fitment of a baby and child car seat to a vehicle, the inspection and confirmation of correct customer installations and the fitment of a child restraint anchorage bolt to the designated vehicle anchorage points

  • Must have valid liability insurance

  • Will be audited for quality control

  • Must keep up to date with the rules, technical bulletins and other requirements of the fitting station scheme and attend refresher and other training courses. 

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