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What if I can't afford a child restraint fitting?

We understand that times are tough at the moment for a lot of Australian families, especially those caring for young children. This means some families might not be able to spend money for child restraint fittings, even though a lot would like to.  It’s still important though to a lot of families to make sure their child restraint is fitted correctly, and that they feel comfortable using and adjusting it.

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What do I do if I can’t afford to pay for a child restraint fitting?


The good news is that some local councils and a number of charities throughout Sydney provide free child restraint fittings for residents in their local areas.  Baby Clean & Safe are proud to be a part of such community initiatives, working with families, caregivers, and stakeholders to help ensure more equitable access to the services we provide.  Below is a list of a number of local councils and charities that provide free child restraint fitting days:


·      Camden Council

·      Canada Bay Council

·      Inner West Council

·      Ku-ring-gai Council

·      Lane Cove Council

·      Mosman Council

·      Penrith Council



Please note, the list above is by no means comprehensive, but is designed to be a starting point for parents are caregivers.  If your local council doesn’t appear on the list, or if you’re unsure, we recommend contacting them directly. 


 If you know of any charities, or local government organisations that you think should be on this list, but aren’t, feel free to email us here

Thanks very much for stopping by & stay tuned for more updates.

Chris, Bec & The BCS Team.

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